Renew your mind with Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy
Renew your mind withCognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

Previous Client Experiences

Here are some comments made by my former clients regarding their experience with Renewed Mind Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy...


"Having spent more than 40 years not getting much more than 4 to 5 hours sleep each night, and being very frustrated and often angry when rising in the morning, I had given up hope of ever getting a decent nights sleep. After a few sessions with Sue, the difference was amazing! I was sleeping longer, deeper and was so much more relaxed when waking in the morning. Even if I wake during the night I don't worry about it, I just accept it and drift off again. It's been a revelation and I am so much more relaxed in general."

Performance Nerves

"I had an initial consultation and hypnotherapy session with Susanne Lancaster last year. (I play classical guitar and have always suffered badly from performance nerves when playing in public.) I didn't expect hypnotherapy to work - it was very much a last resort. 

Susanne was friendly and respectful. She was very good at putting me at ease and took great care to

understand the problem from my point of view. She then tailored her therapy towards that.

The hypnotherapy worked 100% and I have since felt empowered to control my performance nerves without needing further sessions"


"I asked Susanne to help me to lose my fear of flying. Going abroad had always been very difficult for me because I would start panicking about the flight several weeks beforehand. As the flight date came closer so my feeling of dread would build up, making me feel ill and miserable. On the day of the flight I would sit at the airport in tears; once I even had to miss my holiday because a panic attack caused me to collapse in the departure lounge and the airline officials would not allow me on the plane. I used to spend the flight in tears, digging my nails so deeply into my palms that I bled.
I had one treatment session with Susanne (after the initial consultation). I was due to go on holiday shortly afterwards and was feeling very anxious about the flight. Susanne was confident that she could help me with hypnotherapy.
On the day after my treatment I thought about my holiday and the flight and, for the first time ever, all I felt was excitement. On the day of my holiday I set off for the airport, handed in my baggage, went through the departure gate and onto the plane . . . and all I felt was excitement. No panic, no tears. For the first time ever I kept my eyes open during takeoff; I didn't  feel like crying, and my hands were uninjured. I really enjoyed the flight.

I feel very grateful to Susanne; she is an excellent therapist."

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